BOROMEE is a IOS app we developed for image editing and storytelling. It is simple to use and adapt. The core function is to provide customizable templates for users to generation fun storytelling photo galleries. Exportable formate include: whole image, Instagram gallery square image series, and instagram story video. The app is free to use, it include free templates and a in-app store for more purchase.

I work as the leading product designer on this project. We created BOROMEE app from scratch. Currently BOROMEE is in its final polishing and de-bugging stage. It will launch in Apple store soon in the future! More detail will post soon.

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What is the problem to solve:

1.We find out many of the older social media user do not know how to photoshop their photo. At most time, they want to upload a lot of picture in once and they do not know how to make it pretty.

2. Instagram story / Snapchat story is one of the most popular social media format. However, currently they only offer shooting video or still image. Many user want to upload a sequence of images to Instagram story and it is still impossible to do. Many other photo editing apps are not providing such function.

Who is our user:

1. People who do not want to spend time on heavy photo editing.

2. Who want to upload a series of photos and make it stylish.

3. Who want a different formate of Instagram story.

Successful story and inspiration:

There are many apps like VSCO, Unfold, Swipeable, they provide a simple way to fast edit photos and make it stylish. Provide one more option to edit photo differently and user will use their own creativity to use this tool into their photo posting routine.

Research and practice:

For this project, we did many research on how these photo editing app succeed. Most focus on their usability and user experience. We did many user stories and finalize the simplest way to achieve our goal. Trim down many unnecessary functions and made a simple linear user flow to build the core of our app.




We learned a lot along the way.

In the first iteration, we want to put a lot of function into the app. We found it over complicated the function, made it way too hard to code and slow down the app. So we rethink and clean up many unnecessary functions to make it simple. Every app has their core function and usually a simple function is the way they succeed. When we design, we should grow from a small goal and achieve bigger. Follow one goal at the beginning, often step back and revalue is the most important thinking.

What I can do better: after launch the app. We will do research with the data and add in more necessary functions. Hopefully create a smart automated system for story telling.

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